Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Welcome 2015: hum honge kamayab....

One thing that is very predictable in life and that is "Uncertainity". We invested in our life's savings and soul in purchasing flats at the Palladium Grand, Dhanori, Pune. We didn't want house, we wanted a home - home where our soul can relax and rejuvinate and relish into serenity. But, we were wrong! We got imprisioned into a trap of greediness of the builder(s); Mr. Suresh Tingre and Mr. Sandeep Kolhatkar. 

We have suffered enough in past 7 years. For many years, we were living under the atmosphere of fear and threat. But, enough is enough. When going gets tough, tough gets going. We have now resolved to "rise up one last time".

We are determined to claim our rights. Having a home is our constitutional right, and no one can snatch it from us. No matter what happens we will claim it. Our fight and struggle, which is now becoming a movement across the city and even in the country, is not for we alone. It is for setting up right ideal in fornt of our children. It is for making India free from the "builder raj". 

Last one month has been an amazing journey. Many of us who were in deep coma, have woken up. It is true that some of us are still sleeping. Sleeping out of fear, but then every freedom struggle begins with few who are willing to march forward without any fear or favor. We do have that critical mass now. But most importanatly we do have immense support pouring from all over. And that is our biggest strength. It gives us courage to move forward, and claim our right, and set an example of collaborative leadership by commoners. One of our colleague wrote last night:

mann main hai Vishwas
Palladium main hai Vishwas
Hum honge kamayab.....

Very true! We will emerge victorius, because We are born Winners. We are committed to our dreams and because we belive in euqality for all. But, above all we are not going to resign to our fate, under any circumstances. 

We know what will be the logical end of our movement, and fight against the "Builder Raj", which is why last Saturday (27 December 2014) when we met, we posed for a group snap with Victory sign. Because, we know that "hum honge kamayab....". 

While we wish you all a very happy and proseprous new year 2015, we would like to appeal to those who are in coma to wake up and rise up one last time for their rights.

Happy New year 2015!

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