Sunday, 28 December 2014

Complaint/FIR against builder(s) of Palladium Grand, Dhanori, Pune

When we purchased the apartments at the Palladium Grand, Dhanori, Pune we never thought that the day will come when we the residents will have to stage protest march and then file complaint (or FIR) against the builder(s)/promotor(s).

However, we were pushed to the edge so much by the builder(s)/promoter(s) that today we all (almost 50 in numbers), went to the Vishrantwadi Police Station to register our complaint (or FIR). Below is the excerpt of our complaint addressed to Shri. Satish Mathur, Commissioner of Police, Pune City.

1.    Mr. Suresh Tingre and Mr. Sandeep Kolhatkar, builder(s) of the Palladium Grand complex disconnected water supply to the residents in June/July 2012, as a consequence there is NO REGULAR WATER SUPPLY. Since then the residents are forced to buy water.
2.    Since the beginning Mr. Suresh Tingre and Mr. Sandeep Kolhatkar has not provided PMC water to the residents. They ignored several of the resident’s requests to supply us the PMC water. They have not responded to our letter ref. no. PG-00020/2014 dated 30 November 2014, and subsequent reminder dated 24 December 2014.
3.    After repeated requests Mr. Suresh Tingre and Mr. Sandeep Kolhatkar has not provided any authentic documents to the residents, such as (a) PMC sanctioned plan, (b) commencement certificate, (c) occupancy certificates to the flat owners, (d) completion certificate, (e) terms & conditions laid down by PMC authorities for Palladium Grand scheme, etc.
4.    Since, July 2012, builder(s) Mr. Suresh Tingre and Mr. Sandeep Kolhatkar have failed to supply bore well water.
5.    Builders have not given any proper notice to the residents for discontinuing the essential services; except the undated, unsigned or unverified signatures with one line message on 24 June 2012.
6.    We do understand that it is the builders responsibility to provide all the essential supply and services till the society is formed and registered, a condition which both these individuals clearly violated.
7.    We also understand that the promoter(s) and builder(s) should take necessary steps to form the Housing Society under the MOFA act. In spite of residents repeated requests Mr. Suresh Tingre and Mr. Sandeep Kolhatkar have failed to perform these duties in every possible sense.
8.    Additionally, in April 2014 one of the builder, i.e. Mr. Suresh Tingre and his son had personally threatened and beaten one of the flat owner. The two NCs related to the incidents are registered and copies are attached to this letter.
9.    Since, our oral requests did not produce any results in terms of supply of essential services; we have written several letters to the Builder(s) and the Pune Municipal Corporation for water supply and restoring essential civic services, such as (a) water supply, (b) drainage system and garbage disposal, (c) fire safety, (d) access road and (e) rain water harvesting etc. However we have not received any response till date, neither the facilities are restored.
10.On several occasions’ builder(s), especially Mr. Suresh Tingre has threatened residents by suggesting that this is his owned scheme and he is supreme individual.

Therefore, we the residents of the Palladium Grand requests Police to help us in restoring our dignity and right to life by;
·      Protecting the life of all residents of Palladium Grand and controlling the builder(s) from threatening the residents. As mentioned earlier the builder(s) are Mr. Suresh Tingre and Mr. Sandeep Kolhatkar.
·      We also wish Police should make sure that the Assistant Commissioner of PMC in-charge of Yerwada Ward Office will cooperate with the Palladium Grand residents for restoring all the civic amenities and services. We understand that the Assistant Commissioner of PMC of Yerwada Ward Office is working under the builder(s) influence and does not cooperate with flat owners of the Palladium Grand.
·      We wish Police should make sure that Shri. Suresh Tingre and Shri. Sandeep Kolhatkar fulfill their duties of providing essential civic services and amenities to the residents of the Palladium Grand.

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