Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Press Release & Invitation to Press

Palladium Grand Residents Association
S.No. 17/1-A/2, Dhanori, Pune 411015, India
Press Release & Invitation to the Press

Subject: Demonstration and protest for drinking water reg….

Dear Editors,

We the residents of the Palladium Grand, Dhanori, Pune would like to draw your attention to variety of problems being faced by us. Amongst several issues listed below, the key is lack of availability of the drinking water.

We have initiated the silent protest movement beginning 22nd December 2014. On December 22, 2014 the residents held dharana outside of the complex. Our slogan was “Hume jeevan daan do, do boond pani do”. It has also attracted attentions of near by residential complexes, which are also facing similar problems because of atrocious behavior of the builders. Photos and video’s of yesterday’s dharana are available at http://helppalladiumgrand.blogspot.com or http://helppalladiumgrand.blogspot.in. This initiative of ours is now becoming a mass movement in this area with other residential complexes joining this movement.

Today, 23rd December 2014 at 1900 hrs, we will be holding a candle light march and dharna outside of the Palladium Grand complex, and will be conducting Jan Jagaruti Abhiyaan for near by complexes, which includes joining Clean India Mission. It is expected that over 300 individuals will participate in this event.

We request the members of the press to witness the event and provide appropriate coverage to our cause. After the dharana, we will be happy to interact with the press at the Palladium Grand Auditorium, so that we will be able to provide more information on other issues.

Residents of the Palladium Grand


Palladium Grand complex is a joint venture of M/s. Raojee Constructions Pvt. Ltd. (Director – Shri. Suresh Tingre) and M/s. Shreyas Shelters Pvt. Ltd. (Director – Shri. Sandeep Kolhatkar). Residents are living in this complex since March 2009.

Problems faced by the Residents:
1.   Drinking water facility is not provided since the beginning: Even though Builders were given PMC connection, they diverted this to their own houses and nearby complexes to get completion certificates and make professional profits.
2.   We have send detailed representation to the builders with cc to Pune Municipal Corporation Commissioner and the Commissioner of Police. Builders have chosen not to respond to the letters. This letter is available at http://helppalladiumgrand.blogspot.in/2014/12/water-supply-letter-of-notice-to.html
3.   Borewell water supply was discontinued abruptly since June 2012. Even after repeated requests, Builder denied us a supply of water. On the contrary they (especially Mr. Suresh Tingre) used abusive language and violent means to silence us.
4.   The Builders deliberately delaying society formation processes. This is in spite of thed directives from DDR.
5.   Builders are writing offensive letters to the residents in order collect the VAT from the residents, which is illegal as per Supreme Court order dated 27 September 2014.
6.   Fire safety infrastructure in the complex is sub standard and has not been certified in recent years. Even after our repeated requests, builders have failed to produce fire safety certificates.
7.   LPG connection lines are run in open areas and as a result threat of fire and gas leakages is constantly hanging as a sword on the residents.
8.   Essential life saving services are not operational in the complex e.g. elevators. There are no service elevators installed.
9.   Rain water harvesting system is not in place, which is clear violation of the PMC norms.
10.         Drainage system is not complete; as a consequence wastewater is being released outside, causing health problems (e.g. Dengue and other communicable diseases).
11.         Garbage disposal system and composting plant is not functional, which is also a violation of PMC norms.
12.         Builders (especially Mr. Suresh Tingre) have been using abusive language and have even attacked the residents. At least one FIR is filed against him in Vishrantwadi Police station in 6 April 2014. This has been reported in the press as well.
13.         This project was conceived as one of the best in the area, especially for swimming pool, gymnasium and other amenities. However, since the beginning swimming pool is not functioning. Many of the equipment’s from the gymnasium were taken away by the builders to the other complexes to get completion certificates. Similarly other amenities are neither completed nor provided.
14.         There is only one access road to the complex. We have asked for separate in and out road, which has been denied to us. Boundry walls are on substandard nature and not as per the PMC norms. As a consequence we are constantly under the threat of theft.
15.         Builder has not provided the open space for recreational and garden facility to the Pune Municipal Corporation. We have asked him time and again to provide such a document if he has transferred the land to PMC, which has not been complied with.

For further details please call +918446371862 and +917769978484 or write to helppalladiumgrand@gmail.com.

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  1. Take legal action in form of written complaint to Honble Court.cutting off water is an offence.
    Hire an advocate and move against the concerned people.Involve PMC,Police also in the complaint as respondents.