Sunday, 28 December 2014

Together we are determined to be free from Builder Raj

Month back we were fed up, frustrated, and resigned to our fate. However, our silence was understood as our weakness. Our humility and dignified behavior was assumed as our inability to stand up for our rights. We were taken for granted, and we were constantly ignored.

But then enough was enough. Repressionary tactics of the builder(s) of the Palladium Grand complex were at its pick and we were pushed at the point where we had no chance but to stand up for our rights.

Today we took significant step forward in our struggle agianst the builder raj. We filed a complaint (or FIR) against Shri. Suresh Tingre and Shri. Sandeep Kolhatkar, builder(s) of the Palladium Grand complex, Dhanori, Pune. Click here for the excerpt of our complaint.

Before filing our FIR or Complaint, we stood outside of our complex and formed human chain. Incidently, a sales office of one of the Builder (Shri. Suresh Tingre) is just outside. 

Our intention was to bring in awareness amogst the other nearby apartment complexes because many of them are also facing similar problems. However, it surprises us that majority of them prefer to remain silent. It is in this sense, our struggle is not for us alone. It is a struggle against the "Builder Raj". What we will achieve through this struggle is not only be benefitting us, but to thousands and 100's of thousands residential complexes across the country.

We then proceeded to the Vishrantwadi Police station. Initially the officers present were simply not willing to accept the complaint/FIR. Reason, today is holiday, come tomorrow. Isn't it surprising that we had to wait for a working day, even if the struggle or fight is for our very survival? When we told that we are in process of emailing the complaint to the Commissioner of Police, Pune City; the mood and tone of the same officers changed and they quickly accepted our complaint, for which due acknowledgement was given. This reluctant attitude of the law enforcement officers to even listen and accept the grivences of the citizens gives rise to doubts about the insensitive natures of these protecters of the people.

On our way back from the Vishrantwadi Police station, we stop by the office of Mrs. Rekha Chandrakant Tingre, Corporator and Mr. Chandrakant Tingre, Corporator of the Pune Municipal Corporation. They gave patient hearing to the problems being faced by the residents; however, we doubt if they would be able to help resolve the impasse between the residents and the builders. From their responses it is evident that there is a nexus between builders and politicians

For majority of us it wasn't easy to come on the streets and go to the police station as well confornt the politicians. However, if we dont to it now, what ideal we will put before our children? It is not about how much we should be benefitted, but it is about being able to live dignified life? 

It is our hope that many other residential complexes take clue from our initiative and join us. Because, our fight is not for we alone, but its for all such complexes whose voice is silenced by the "Builder Raj". However, together we are determined to free ourselves from this builder raj. We are committed to be the catalyst for a nation wide movement against the builder raj.

Join us and write at

PS: Check the video's of the days which captures some of the moments of what seems dynamic and hectic day with full of activities.

Dharna outside Palladium Grand Complex.

Human chain outside Palladium Grand Complex.

Questioning the local leaders.


  1. As I booked the flat on 28/07/2010 with Rs 10 Lacs as booking amount which the cheque was taken in wrong name they also charged me for 2 car parks @ Rs 2.50 lacs per car park and all the Maharashtra of ownership Act 1962 {MOFA ACT 1962} were violated when I brought this notices, to the Developer and started communicating vide emails and letters I got the SMS from the owners/directors on the 16/11/2013 “Any more msg to me you may not get your flat well” which is on records and even threaten me to put behind bars which my email I have communicated with them. My only fault was in asking for my customer rights in term of clean and clear title of my flat.{ As in my case which was “A” building PMC has passed only one flat per floor till 15th of May 2014 AS PER THE RECEIPT NO -------- and the builder made extension on the 4th floor as two flats per floor on which I requested him not to construct so I don’t face problem in near future as CAMPA COLA of WORLI faced in MUMBI after 24 years .

    And then I was forced to quit the project as they threaten me that if you don’t quit we may not give your flat as well which is also on records in form of email transaction, as I am a common men with no roof over my head and I am staying in rented flat since last 26 years and I am all alone taking care of my 86 years old aged bed ridden paralytic with 85% partially blind orphan maid. I am 51 years Parsee {Zoroastrian} gentlemen staying in pune. So I quitted from the project I earnestly pray and hope that you both take up my case and this kind of builder should be taken to task I sincerely request that please in future you must see that I don’t get into any trouble or I wont be harm in terms of false implementing me in wrong case or harassment or even builder trying to kill me.

    As I have taken this bold step and feel comfortable in your kind esteemed leadership and hope that I will get roof over my head and I get once again my flat in A-1001 whenever the builder completes this project.

    I hope and pray to both of you to look into my case as I have made 4 journals {correspondences compromise of more then 367 pages} with all records of conversation and emails and letters and telephonic conversation recorded to safe guard my self.

    I pray and hope that Real Estate Regulator bill comes into enforced with strong bill and one day a common man faces no problems in getting a roof over his head with a clean and clear market title free from all Illegalities.

    In Solidarity.
    Jai Hind.

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  3. Dear Mr Yazdi,
    Your story is moving and your fight is courageous. We at Palladium Grand will and are supporting all those who have courage to take on builder raj. We need to free India from the builder raj. Your efforts are amazing.