Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Welcome 2015: hum honge kamayab....

One thing that is very predictable in life and that is "Uncertainity". We invested in our life's savings and soul in purchasing flats at the Palladium Grand, Dhanori, Pune. We didn't want house, we wanted a home - home where our soul can relax and rejuvinate and relish into serenity. But, we were wrong! We got imprisioned into a trap of greediness of the builder(s); Mr. Suresh Tingre and Mr. Sandeep Kolhatkar. 

We have suffered enough in past 7 years. For many years, we were living under the atmosphere of fear and threat. But, enough is enough. When going gets tough, tough gets going. We have now resolved to "rise up one last time".

We are determined to claim our rights. Having a home is our constitutional right, and no one can snatch it from us. No matter what happens we will claim it. Our fight and struggle, which is now becoming a movement across the city and even in the country, is not for we alone. It is for setting up right ideal in fornt of our children. It is for making India free from the "builder raj". 

Last one month has been an amazing journey. Many of us who were in deep coma, have woken up. It is true that some of us are still sleeping. Sleeping out of fear, but then every freedom struggle begins with few who are willing to march forward without any fear or favor. We do have that critical mass now. But most importanatly we do have immense support pouring from all over. And that is our biggest strength. It gives us courage to move forward, and claim our right, and set an example of collaborative leadership by commoners. One of our colleague wrote last night:

mann main hai Vishwas
Palladium main hai Vishwas
Hum honge kamayab.....

Very true! We will emerge victorius, because We are born Winners. We are committed to our dreams and because we belive in euqality for all. But, above all we are not going to resign to our fate, under any circumstances. 

We know what will be the logical end of our movement, and fight against the "Builder Raj", which is why last Saturday (27 December 2014) when we met, we posed for a group snap with Victory sign. Because, we know that "hum honge kamayab....". 

While we wish you all a very happy and proseprous new year 2015, we would like to appeal to those who are in coma to wake up and rise up one last time for their rights.

Happy New year 2015!

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Arrogance - a key charachteristics of Palladium Grand Builders

A quick search of thesarus reveals the meaning of word "ARROGANCE". It means "Offensive display of superiority or self-importance; or overbearing pride". This is so much true in case of Palladium Grand Builders. 

Since the beginning these builders, especially Mr. Suresh Tingre is behaving like he is supreme king of the Palladium Grand complex. He even have guts to say that "This is my property, my land, and only my rules will be applicable here". Statements such as these and the behaviour of Mr. Suresh Tingre and his family members only goes to demonstrate the Arrogant nature. The height of their arrongance was displayed when they physically assulted one of the resident Mr. Anil Kumar Vishwakarma and one of the guard at the seciurity gate. Two separate complaints were registered with the Vishrantwadi Police Station against Mr. Suresh Tingre and his son.

It is almost a week that we have been raising our voice, we have used candle march, silent satyagrapha, human chain and even submitting a complaint to the Police station as means to claim our rights. We even met the local political leaders (Mrs. Rekha Tingre and Mr. Chandrakant Tingre). It seems that nothing has been percolated down. It is now over 36 hrs that we have registered complaint at the Vishrantwadi Police station (Sunday, 28 December 2014 at 1700 hrs).

  • Builders have not even bothered to respond to our letters. 
  • Mr. Sandeep Kolhatkar is too busy or he has been prevented to visit the Palladium Grand complex.
  • Mr. Suresh Tingre moves around magestically in his Mercedez Benz, but ignores to respond to our letters.
  •  Mr. Suresh Tingre communicated a message through local political leaders that he will meet only two of our reps in his office, and that he will decide the agenda of the meeting - Isn't this the height of arrogance.
 In addition to the ample display of arrogance by the builders, we have enough reason to believe that there is a close nexus between builders-political leadership and authorities. 
  • Even after 36 hrs since our complaint has been filed, Police have not communicated to us as to what actions they have taken? We have received email from the Commissioner of Police, Pune City's office informing us that our complaint has been forwarded to Mr. Manoj Patil, DCP, Zone-4. Other than this we have no further information.
  • PMC Officers have not bothered to visit the Palladium Grand or get in touch with the residents. Ward Officer(s), Water Supply Department Head's phone/mobile number(s) are either busy or switched off, or when they are ringing they are cut off.
  • Our complaint has been sent to the Police Commissioner, Pune City on 28th Decemeber 2014, via email with cc to ACP, DCP and was submitted in person to the in-charge, Vishrantwadi Police Station. However, no response yet from the authorities.
  • Our complaint(s) has been sent to the hosts of PMC authorities including PMC Commissioner, Ward Officer and other department heads. No one has even bothered to respond or acknowledge. 
Is it that this sense of ARROGANCE has become the normalcy? We the residents of the Palladium Grand have not experienced the freedom struggle, but thanks to the Builder Raj, we are feeling the burnt and bruises of the colonial era. Only difference is that during pre-independence era oppresive regime was from another country, but this time the regime is home grown. 

We are determined to make India free of builder raj, even if it is at cost of our time, and energy.

Support our struggle and movement by sharing this to all those who can join us. Write to us at or like us on facebook at HELP PALLADIUM GRAND.

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Together we are determined to be free from Builder Raj

Month back we were fed up, frustrated, and resigned to our fate. However, our silence was understood as our weakness. Our humility and dignified behavior was assumed as our inability to stand up for our rights. We were taken for granted, and we were constantly ignored.

But then enough was enough. Repressionary tactics of the builder(s) of the Palladium Grand complex were at its pick and we were pushed at the point where we had no chance but to stand up for our rights.

Today we took significant step forward in our struggle agianst the builder raj. We filed a complaint (or FIR) against Shri. Suresh Tingre and Shri. Sandeep Kolhatkar, builder(s) of the Palladium Grand complex, Dhanori, Pune. Click here for the excerpt of our complaint.

Before filing our FIR or Complaint, we stood outside of our complex and formed human chain. Incidently, a sales office of one of the Builder (Shri. Suresh Tingre) is just outside. 

Our intention was to bring in awareness amogst the other nearby apartment complexes because many of them are also facing similar problems. However, it surprises us that majority of them prefer to remain silent. It is in this sense, our struggle is not for us alone. It is a struggle against the "Builder Raj". What we will achieve through this struggle is not only be benefitting us, but to thousands and 100's of thousands residential complexes across the country.

We then proceeded to the Vishrantwadi Police station. Initially the officers present were simply not willing to accept the complaint/FIR. Reason, today is holiday, come tomorrow. Isn't it surprising that we had to wait for a working day, even if the struggle or fight is for our very survival? When we told that we are in process of emailing the complaint to the Commissioner of Police, Pune City; the mood and tone of the same officers changed and they quickly accepted our complaint, for which due acknowledgement was given. This reluctant attitude of the law enforcement officers to even listen and accept the grivences of the citizens gives rise to doubts about the insensitive natures of these protecters of the people.

On our way back from the Vishrantwadi Police station, we stop by the office of Mrs. Rekha Chandrakant Tingre, Corporator and Mr. Chandrakant Tingre, Corporator of the Pune Municipal Corporation. They gave patient hearing to the problems being faced by the residents; however, we doubt if they would be able to help resolve the impasse between the residents and the builders. From their responses it is evident that there is a nexus between builders and politicians

For majority of us it wasn't easy to come on the streets and go to the police station as well confornt the politicians. However, if we dont to it now, what ideal we will put before our children? It is not about how much we should be benefitted, but it is about being able to live dignified life? 

It is our hope that many other residential complexes take clue from our initiative and join us. Because, our fight is not for we alone, but its for all such complexes whose voice is silenced by the "Builder Raj". However, together we are determined to free ourselves from this builder raj. We are committed to be the catalyst for a nation wide movement against the builder raj.

Join us and write at

PS: Check the video's of the days which captures some of the moments of what seems dynamic and hectic day with full of activities.

Dharna outside Palladium Grand Complex.

Human chain outside Palladium Grand Complex.

Questioning the local leaders.

Complaint/FIR against builder(s) of Palladium Grand, Dhanori, Pune

When we purchased the apartments at the Palladium Grand, Dhanori, Pune we never thought that the day will come when we the residents will have to stage protest march and then file complaint (or FIR) against the builder(s)/promotor(s).

However, we were pushed to the edge so much by the builder(s)/promoter(s) that today we all (almost 50 in numbers), went to the Vishrantwadi Police Station to register our complaint (or FIR). Below is the excerpt of our complaint addressed to Shri. Satish Mathur, Commissioner of Police, Pune City.

1.    Mr. Suresh Tingre and Mr. Sandeep Kolhatkar, builder(s) of the Palladium Grand complex disconnected water supply to the residents in June/July 2012, as a consequence there is NO REGULAR WATER SUPPLY. Since then the residents are forced to buy water.
2.    Since the beginning Mr. Suresh Tingre and Mr. Sandeep Kolhatkar has not provided PMC water to the residents. They ignored several of the resident’s requests to supply us the PMC water. They have not responded to our letter ref. no. PG-00020/2014 dated 30 November 2014, and subsequent reminder dated 24 December 2014.
3.    After repeated requests Mr. Suresh Tingre and Mr. Sandeep Kolhatkar has not provided any authentic documents to the residents, such as (a) PMC sanctioned plan, (b) commencement certificate, (c) occupancy certificates to the flat owners, (d) completion certificate, (e) terms & conditions laid down by PMC authorities for Palladium Grand scheme, etc.
4.    Since, July 2012, builder(s) Mr. Suresh Tingre and Mr. Sandeep Kolhatkar have failed to supply bore well water.
5.    Builders have not given any proper notice to the residents for discontinuing the essential services; except the undated, unsigned or unverified signatures with one line message on 24 June 2012.
6.    We do understand that it is the builders responsibility to provide all the essential supply and services till the society is formed and registered, a condition which both these individuals clearly violated.
7.    We also understand that the promoter(s) and builder(s) should take necessary steps to form the Housing Society under the MOFA act. In spite of residents repeated requests Mr. Suresh Tingre and Mr. Sandeep Kolhatkar have failed to perform these duties in every possible sense.
8.    Additionally, in April 2014 one of the builder, i.e. Mr. Suresh Tingre and his son had personally threatened and beaten one of the flat owner. The two NCs related to the incidents are registered and copies are attached to this letter.
9.    Since, our oral requests did not produce any results in terms of supply of essential services; we have written several letters to the Builder(s) and the Pune Municipal Corporation for water supply and restoring essential civic services, such as (a) water supply, (b) drainage system and garbage disposal, (c) fire safety, (d) access road and (e) rain water harvesting etc. However we have not received any response till date, neither the facilities are restored.
10.On several occasions’ builder(s), especially Mr. Suresh Tingre has threatened residents by suggesting that this is his owned scheme and he is supreme individual.

Therefore, we the residents of the Palladium Grand requests Police to help us in restoring our dignity and right to life by;
·      Protecting the life of all residents of Palladium Grand and controlling the builder(s) from threatening the residents. As mentioned earlier the builder(s) are Mr. Suresh Tingre and Mr. Sandeep Kolhatkar.
·      We also wish Police should make sure that the Assistant Commissioner of PMC in-charge of Yerwada Ward Office will cooperate with the Palladium Grand residents for restoring all the civic amenities and services. We understand that the Assistant Commissioner of PMC of Yerwada Ward Office is working under the builder(s) influence and does not cooperate with flat owners of the Palladium Grand.
·      We wish Police should make sure that Shri. Suresh Tingre and Shri. Sandeep Kolhatkar fulfill their duties of providing essential civic services and amenities to the residents of the Palladium Grand.

Why we need to beg for "do boond" pani?

We the residents of the Palladium Grand have one simple question to ask, "Why we need to beg for "do boond" pani?

Isn't water the basic amenities? Isn't our constitution and plethora of other laws gaurantee the citizens right to water?

See this soul paining tale of one of the Palladium Grand resident.

Time has arrived when we need to think on this seriously. Are we not human beings? Why do we have to beg, in our own country, in our own city? Are we still secondary citizens where the builder(s) are marshals?

Help Palladium Grand. Write to us at

Who will civic authorities support?

Problems being faced by the Palladium Grand residents are not unique. Several thousands urban and semi-urban residential complexes across the country are facing similar types of problems from the Promotor(s), Builder(s) and also from the civic authorities.
  • Essential services and amenities are not provided to the residents. 
  • Their complaints are not taken seriously. 
  • If they try to protest, their voice is silenced with goondaism and high handedness. 
  • They are made to run from pillar to post.
  • They are made to feel useless, worthless and guilty to the extent that often residents feel like ending life itself.
What surprises us is that when ever residents of the housing complexes raise their voice, get together and began fighting in united manner, it is the law and order officers who often discourage them to undertake peaceful satyagraha. They create fear in the residents mind that the builders will harm them, or it is a tough fight.

We the residents of the Palladium Grand had a first hand experience. In April 2014, when one of our member was man-handeled and beaten up by the builder (Mr. Suresh Tingre) and his son, police reduse to take FIR in first place. After seeing that the residents are out crying, and angry they took the NC. But, nothing happened after that. Isn't that these officers are suppose to follow up the cases, and report back to the citizens?

Palladium Grand residents were made to wait for several hours at Vishrantwadi Police Station, just to accept their complaint in April 2014.

Today, when we are fighting for our  rights, we feel orphaned because neither the civic authorities (municipal corporations), nor the law & order authorities (police) are with us. Let us see if there is any difference in their attitude now, because India wants to be a super power, we are on mission of clean India. Can we clean the curruptness of our mind, the fear from our mind, and an attitude of non cooperation from our mind? Can we ever be successful is crubbing the "Builder Raj" and bring in peace to the residents of the residential complexes across the country.

Help Palladium Grand. Join us by writing to

We are fighting not only for Palladium Grand. Our fight is representative of all the residential complexes across the country. Save the country from the "Builder Raj".

Saturday, 27 December 2014


We the residents of the Palladium Grand, Dhanori, Pune would like to request the members of Press, News channels kindly cover our demonstration against illegal practices by the builder(s): M/s. Raojee Constructions and M/s. Shreyas Shelters.

1.    According to the recent information revealed to us, mandatory environmental clearance has not been obtained prior to commencement of the work.
2.    Several essential services such as water supply, etc. has not been provided.
3.    Builder(s) are using mal practices to collect the VATs from the residents, and thus threatening our lives.

Details of problems faced by our demands and us are accessible at It has also been ratified by independent experts, Shri. Ravi Karandikar (see: and Shri. Vijay Kumbhar (see:

·      We invite you to join on Sunday, 28th December 2014 at 1500 hrs. to cover our Dharna outside Palladium Grand, Dhanori.

·      We will then proceed to Vishrantwadi Police station at 1600 hrs. to register FIR against the illegal practices of the builder(s) and their other high handedness.

We also request the social organisations and pro-environmental organisations to support our struggle by joining us.

Residents of the Palladium Grand, Dhanori, Pune
77 69 97 84 84

Friday, 26 December 2014

Our fight is for Builder Raj free India

Since we have gone public and open protest, we have been overwhelmed with support from the civil rights organisations and citizens across India and even globally. At the outset we wish to express our deep sense of gratitude to all those who are supporting us, boosting our morale, and doing everything so that we continue the fight.

However, Builder(s)/Promoter(s) are silent. In spite of the protest and so much discussion through social media; they are continuing to ignore our protest. The local corporator (Mrs. Rekha Tingre) and other local and state level political leaders have chosen to remain silent. Infact, messeges are being sent to us that we should sit down and resolve amicably. Authorities of the Pune Municipal Corporation are also silent, even them being informed over a month back regarding the water issue. Are these builders, political leaders and administrative authorities above God? or Is it that we the owners of the apartments in Palladium Grand are not human beings?.

Colonization of India ended some 64 years however, however the new regime called "Builder Raj" is ruling the land. We are imprisioned in the independent India. What surprises us that educated ones are being imprisioned, and they seems to be happy with it? Have we lost or weakened our backbones to the extent that we can not rise up against atrocities and dectatorial behaviours of the builder lobby?

We appeal one and all to come and join us. Our fight is not only for us, but for our shared future and future of India.

Write to us at

PS: See the notice sent by the builders few days back, undated, not signed by anyone. This was simply posted on the notice borads. Is this the way to communicate with the people who have given you the business in first place?

Thursday, 25 December 2014

Builder Raj - Call for a movement

When we purchase a property, we not only invest our income but also our soul. We are emotionally attached to it.

How does it feel when you come to know that you have been cheated by the builder(s). Many of us in Palladium Grand are passing through that feeling and experiencing its pain.

However we are not only one in this situation. See blog "Slaves of Palladium Grand Dhanori Pune" by our good friend Ravi Karandeekar where he has put together aptly our anguish and pain.

Following interview by the residents summarise the pain, but it also call for an united movement to free India from Builder Raj.

It is not only our story, it is the story of thousands and probably million others across the country. Some of you have realised that you are cheated, but many are not! It is a wake up call for the second free India struggle. But this time from our home grown builder raj.

Come and join us!!!

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Day 2 for two drops of water

We the residents of the Palladium Grand complex located at Dhanori, Pune were forced on the 2nd consequtive day to come on the street outside of our complex and stage candle march for expressing our anguish, frustrations for almost no supply of potable water as well borewell water.

Two builders and promoters  M/s. Raojee Constructions (Director - Shri. Suresh Tingre) and M/s. Shreyas Shelters (Director - Shri. Kolhatkar) for their selfish professional gains are arm twisting the residents by not supplying the water.

After our repeated requests, they have decided to ignore our pleas. We wish to raise the following questions:

- Is this act of Builder(s) not an intentional attempt to cause the harm to the life of the residents of the Palladium Grand?

- Are we not worthy enough to be treated life human beings? 

- We do understand that Builder(s) have got an access to Pune Municipal Water. If this is correct, where is this water going? Are the builder(s) making financial gains by diverting this water or using it for purposes other than it is intended for?

- Why is that officers of the Pune Municipal Corporation are not taking sue moto action against the builders? If Builder(s) are indeed diverting water elsewhere and using it for other purposes, then is it not theft of nations natural resources - just like 2G and coal scams

Below are few pictures and video links which tell the story itself.

Save Palladium Grand! Help Palladium Grand!

Click here for more Day 2 (23 December 2014) pictures:

Below are the video of Day 2 (23 December 2014) candle light march.

23 December - Part 1

23 December 2014 - Part 2

23 December 2014 - Part 3

Click here for more Day 2 (23 December 2014) pictures:

Click here for more Day 2 (23 December 2014) pictures:  

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Press Release & Invitation to Press

Palladium Grand Residents Association
S.No. 17/1-A/2, Dhanori, Pune 411015, India
Press Release & Invitation to the Press

Subject: Demonstration and protest for drinking water reg….

Dear Editors,

We the residents of the Palladium Grand, Dhanori, Pune would like to draw your attention to variety of problems being faced by us. Amongst several issues listed below, the key is lack of availability of the drinking water.

We have initiated the silent protest movement beginning 22nd December 2014. On December 22, 2014 the residents held dharana outside of the complex. Our slogan was “Hume jeevan daan do, do boond pani do”. It has also attracted attentions of near by residential complexes, which are also facing similar problems because of atrocious behavior of the builders. Photos and video’s of yesterday’s dharana are available at or This initiative of ours is now becoming a mass movement in this area with other residential complexes joining this movement.

Today, 23rd December 2014 at 1900 hrs, we will be holding a candle light march and dharna outside of the Palladium Grand complex, and will be conducting Jan Jagaruti Abhiyaan for near by complexes, which includes joining Clean India Mission. It is expected that over 300 individuals will participate in this event.

We request the members of the press to witness the event and provide appropriate coverage to our cause. After the dharana, we will be happy to interact with the press at the Palladium Grand Auditorium, so that we will be able to provide more information on other issues.

Residents of the Palladium Grand


Palladium Grand complex is a joint venture of M/s. Raojee Constructions Pvt. Ltd. (Director – Shri. Suresh Tingre) and M/s. Shreyas Shelters Pvt. Ltd. (Director – Shri. Sandeep Kolhatkar). Residents are living in this complex since March 2009.

Problems faced by the Residents:
1.   Drinking water facility is not provided since the beginning: Even though Builders were given PMC connection, they diverted this to their own houses and nearby complexes to get completion certificates and make professional profits.
2.   We have send detailed representation to the builders with cc to Pune Municipal Corporation Commissioner and the Commissioner of Police. Builders have chosen not to respond to the letters. This letter is available at
3.   Borewell water supply was discontinued abruptly since June 2012. Even after repeated requests, Builder denied us a supply of water. On the contrary they (especially Mr. Suresh Tingre) used abusive language and violent means to silence us.
4.   The Builders deliberately delaying society formation processes. This is in spite of thed directives from DDR.
5.   Builders are writing offensive letters to the residents in order collect the VAT from the residents, which is illegal as per Supreme Court order dated 27 September 2014.
6.   Fire safety infrastructure in the complex is sub standard and has not been certified in recent years. Even after our repeated requests, builders have failed to produce fire safety certificates.
7.   LPG connection lines are run in open areas and as a result threat of fire and gas leakages is constantly hanging as a sword on the residents.
8.   Essential life saving services are not operational in the complex e.g. elevators. There are no service elevators installed.
9.   Rain water harvesting system is not in place, which is clear violation of the PMC norms.
10.         Drainage system is not complete; as a consequence wastewater is being released outside, causing health problems (e.g. Dengue and other communicable diseases).
11.         Garbage disposal system and composting plant is not functional, which is also a violation of PMC norms.
12.         Builders (especially Mr. Suresh Tingre) have been using abusive language and have even attacked the residents. At least one FIR is filed against him in Vishrantwadi Police station in 6 April 2014. This has been reported in the press as well.
13.         This project was conceived as one of the best in the area, especially for swimming pool, gymnasium and other amenities. However, since the beginning swimming pool is not functioning. Many of the equipment’s from the gymnasium were taken away by the builders to the other complexes to get completion certificates. Similarly other amenities are neither completed nor provided.
14.         There is only one access road to the complex. We have asked for separate in and out road, which has been denied to us. Boundry walls are on substandard nature and not as per the PMC norms. As a consequence we are constantly under the threat of theft.
15.         Builder has not provided the open space for recreational and garden facility to the Pune Municipal Corporation. We have asked him time and again to provide such a document if he has transferred the land to PMC, which has not been complied with.

For further details please call +918446371862 and +917769978484 or write to

Links for further information:

For 2 drop water only......

For the selfish gains M/s. Raojee Constructions and M/s. Shreyas Shelters - two promoters and builders of the Palladium Grand, Dhanori, Pune residentail complex residents are being deprived of potable water since 2009. Residents had made several requests to the builder(s)/promotor(s) who have chosen to thretean the residents.

Residents were finally forced to come up on streets. Below are few pictures and video links which tell the story itself.

We dont want you to be pitty on us. We want you ask a simple question, "what would you do, if the builder(s) prevent you from access to drinking water since 2009?".

Save Palladium Grand! Help Palladium Grand!

Thursday, 18 December 2014





These pictures below will tell you the story.