Friday, 26 December 2014

Our fight is for Builder Raj free India

Since we have gone public and open protest, we have been overwhelmed with support from the civil rights organisations and citizens across India and even globally. At the outset we wish to express our deep sense of gratitude to all those who are supporting us, boosting our morale, and doing everything so that we continue the fight.

However, Builder(s)/Promoter(s) are silent. In spite of the protest and so much discussion through social media; they are continuing to ignore our protest. The local corporator (Mrs. Rekha Tingre) and other local and state level political leaders have chosen to remain silent. Infact, messeges are being sent to us that we should sit down and resolve amicably. Authorities of the Pune Municipal Corporation are also silent, even them being informed over a month back regarding the water issue. Are these builders, political leaders and administrative authorities above God? or Is it that we the owners of the apartments in Palladium Grand are not human beings?.

Colonization of India ended some 64 years however, however the new regime called "Builder Raj" is ruling the land. We are imprisioned in the independent India. What surprises us that educated ones are being imprisioned, and they seems to be happy with it? Have we lost or weakened our backbones to the extent that we can not rise up against atrocities and dectatorial behaviours of the builder lobby?

We appeal one and all to come and join us. Our fight is not only for us, but for our shared future and future of India.

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PS: See the notice sent by the builders few days back, undated, not signed by anyone. This was simply posted on the notice borads. Is this the way to communicate with the people who have given you the business in first place?

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