Thursday, 18 December 2014


M/s Raojee Constructions and M/s. Shreyas Shelters, builder(s) and promotor(s) of Palladium Grand  never made attempts to provide the potable water to the residents of the Palladium Grand.

1.     Isn't it a  responsibility of Builder/Promoter to ensure the municipal water supply to the Palladium Grand residential complex?
2.     As on date, no such municipal water connection is operational and residents are therefore deprived of potable water that is essential for drinking. Since such purified water is not available residents are forced to consume unhealthy water, which is causing harm to their health and life.
3.     Their inaction and silence on this account is an intentional act to harm the life of the residents of the Palladium Grand, which is act of obstructing and depriving residents of their basic rights to essential commodity. 
4.     We have been given to understand that the Pune Municipal Corporation has indeed provided the 5”– 8” water pipeline to the Palladium Grand residential complex. If this is indeed true, then it is an act of breach of trust, breaking of contracting conditions as per the agreement, cheating and forgery, and theft of essential commodity called water.
5.     You may please note that the residents through their act of paying taxes to the Municipal Corporation do provide water tax well. In such circumstances, if you indeed received the water connection from Municipal Corporation, then it is an act of illegal use of public services for your professional gains. This can be construed as a willful and intentional act against the public bodies, i.e. Municipal Corporation. This can also be treated as theft of natural resources.
Immediate Request for Actions:
1.     Please communicate with the representatives of the Palladium Grand, if the water supply from the Municipal Corporation is indeed provided or not? In case it is provided, then provide the following information:
a.     Since when water supply from corporation is operational.
b.     Locations where the corporation pipelines are terminating within the Dutta Digambar Society, on whose land Palladium Grand complex has been built.
c.      Where this water being diverted? Who are the beneficiaries of this water supply so far?
d.     Have you been benefitted economically as a consequence of your act of diverting this water? How much profit has you made, so far? Is this been accounted for? 
e.     Why you did not inform the residents of the Palladium Grand that such a connection is indeed exists?
f.      Why you did not sought the consent of the Palladium Grand residents for diverting or using this Municipality supplied water elsewhere?
2.     If the water supply from Municipal Corporation is indeed being provided, then you shall provide the connection to every apartment or flat owner of the Palladium Grand complex with immediate effect.
3.     While providing such a potable water supply please ensure that potable water is supplied through separate pipelines (or the ones that are not used for bore well waters).
4.     Demonstrate to the representatives of the Palladium Grand residents that you have indeed accomplished the task for providing such Municipal Corporation supplied water to the residents.
5.     Provide necessary documentation and training to the residents of the Palladium Grand regarding operation of such water supply infrastructure.

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