Saturday, 31 January 2015

What did we achieve: Significant achievements and lessons learnt of the Dialog Round 1 with builder(s)/promoter(s) held on 22 January 2015

"Satyagraha", is not yet another word. It is a vision, it is a purpose of life, it is movement of humanity that Mahatma Gandhi, the father of this nation gifted to we the Indian's and every other citizens of the world. However, on path to Styagraha; your journey is often like a marathon, and quite stressful. However, if you split into milestones, then you have a reason to celebrate. 

We the flat owners of Palladium Grand achieved one such milestone on 22 January 2015, when the representatives of the builder(s)/promotor(s) came for a dialog in presence of Mr. Jagdish Mulik, MLA and Mr. Chandrakant Tingre. Dialog was held at the Amphitheater of the Palladium Grand. Entire proceedings of the dailog was video recorded and available here.

Significant outcomes:
  1. Regulatory compliances: Builder(s) claimed that there is no need for Environmental Clearance for this project
  2. Regulatory compliances: Builder(s) did not offer conclusive answer to a question weather all the mandatory permissions, compliances and approvals have been sought before initiating a project, and before giving the occupation to the flat owners. Builder(s) claimed that all necessary permissions, approvals and compliance documents are in his office. Same will be produced before the flat owners in the next meeting
  3. Essential amenities: Builders answers to flat owners qustions/queries regarding the supply and provision of essential amenities such as potable water, water for use, drainage system, garbage disposal, rain water harvesting, solar panel system, fire safety etc., were all very vague
  4. Essential amenities: drinking water supply: Builder(s) claimed that PMC water is available to the complex. However, Mr. Chandrakant Tingre promised to provide a  6" PMC water pipeline to the complex. Work will be completed on or before 30 January 2015.
  5. Essential amenities: drinking water supply: Builder(s) promised to provide drinking water tap in each kitchen. He will install new storage tank for PMC water, and overhead tanks on each building, will lay new pipelines and install separate tap in each kitchen. Entire expenditure will be borne by the builder(s).This work will start on 2nd February 2015, and will be completed by 22nd February 2015.
  6. Essential amenities: expenses for water borne by the residents: Builder refused to reimburse the expenditure by the residents for water supply. Wherein, in his affidavit to the Pune Municipal Corportation he has promised to provide water to the residents at his own cost.
  7. Essential amenities: rain water harvesting: Builder(s) claim that it is not essential for this complex. Wherein, in his undertaking to the Pune Municipal Corportation he has promised to provide water to the residents at his own cost.
  8. Essential amenities: Solar Panel System: Builder(s) claim that they never promised any thing like this and that it is not their responsibility to do so. Wherein, in his undertaking to the Pune Municipal Corportation he has promised to provide water to the residents at his own cost.
  9. Essential amenities: drainage system: Builder(s) claim that everything in this regard has been done in compliance with PMC norms. However, water is still flowing out in open from the balconies and terraces. Even the terrace water must be routed for a rainwater harvesting, which is clearly not the case here. 
  10. Essential amenities: fire safety: builder(s) claim that all certificates are in his possession, and he will produce them at the next meeting. We wonder, if the certificates are in his office, how long it takes to present them to the flat owners.
  11. Society formation: why is the delay?: Builder could not provide satisfactory answer. Rather he claims that it is the flat owners, who are delaying the process. However, he committed that process will be completed in next one month.  
  12.  Completion of phase I: 2 wheeler & cycle parkig: Flat owners brought to the notice of the builder that how can he commission the phase II, when phase I is incomplete. Where are the 320 scooter and 320 cycle parkings? Builder could not provide satisfactory answer. 
From the answers given by the builder it is more than evident that (a) builder is non committal to act in favor of the flat owners, (b) builder has violated several rules, laws, approvals and undertakings, (c) builder has no intention to provide facilities and services promised when the flats were purchased, and (d) builder is delibaeratly delaying the process of society formation for his personal gains at the cost of life and peace of the flat owners. 

However, the only single most silver lining is a promise to provide 6" PMC drinking water pipeline, and separate tap in each kitchen for the drinking water.

There were several other issues listed for discussion, remained un-discussed because of lack of time. It was decided that round 2 of the the dailog  be held on 7th or 8th February 2015.

While, one may conclude that we didn't get much except the drinking water, yet we achieved couple of things: 
  • Expose builder on his non committal, exploitative, illegal, arrogant behavior and practices.
  • Builder's arrogance was so evident in is talks. If he can behave like this in the presence of peoples representative, then one can imagine his behavior with the residents/flat owners.
  • When the citizens stand together for their due rights, they can shake the strongest and deep rooted tree as well. 
This dialog is just a beginning. Many more are still to take place. Because, we believe that our movement is that of the "Satyagraha", and it is in the larger interest of the nation. And that interest is to make India builder raj free.


Proceedings of the Dialog Round 1 with the Builder(s)/Promoter(s) on January 22, 2015


When you initiate the fight for your rights, path is often very unpredictable. Because our movement that is not for we alone, but it is aimed at inducing basic ethical changes which are based on value systems. When we began our campaign we never thought it will be so soon that the builder(s)/promoter(s) will be coming forward for the dialog with the agitating flat owners. Thanks to the mediation by Shri. Jagdish Mulik, MLA and Mr. Chandrakant Tingre that we had round 1 of the dialog on 22 January 2015.

It was an amazing scene to watch and inspire from. Amphitheater of the Palladium Grand was jam packed with over 100+ flat owners and their relatives. They paitently waited for Mr. Mulik to arrive at the venue at 9.45 p.m. Mr. Mulik and Mr. Chandrakant Tingre seated in the center of the dias, and seated on their either side were a teams of flat owner representatives and representatives of builder(s)/promoter(s). Proceedings were kick started with the national anthem. Dialog lasted for almost 90 minutes.

Here we present the unedited and original video recordings of the dialog in four parts.

HelpPalladiumGrand: Dialog Round 1 on 22 January 2015 (1 of 4)

HelpPalladiumGrand: Dialog Round 1 on 22 January 2015 (2 of 4)

HelpPalladiumGrand: Dialog Round 1 on 22 January 2015 (3 of 4)

HelpPalladiumGrand: Dialog Round 1 on 22 January 2015 (4 of 4) 

We decided to share with you the original, unedited and raw video recordings of the entire proceedings, because we wish to be transparent even with our supporters. Becuase, it is our supporters who give us strength to take on the builder(s) who are notoriously known for his high-handedness and dirty tricks. In addition, we also wish to demonstrate to you the following:
  • Determination, unity, tenacity and patience of the flat owners.
  • Arrogant attitude and insensitiveness of the builder(s).
  • Lack of respect to law of the land and open violation of these rules and laws by the builder(s).
  • How easily and swiftly builder(s) can talk lie in front of the peoples representatives.
In one of our next blog we will be sharing with you the salient outcomes of this dialog round 1.

While we hope the next round of dialog will yield more productive results in favor of flat owners, we are also aware that our movement has just began, and we have long road to travel. But one thing that this dialog proved beyond doubt - and that is "truth alays prevail", and "if you rise up for your due rights, almighty always shower praise, gives your courage, and ensure that you gain your dues".


Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Support is growing for Save Palladium Grand & free India from Builder Raj

SIGN, SHARE AND SUPPORT OUR PETITION "Save Palladium Grand & free India from Builder Raj" addressed to the Hon. Prime Minister, Shri. Narendra Modi and Hon. Chief Minister, Maharashtra, Shri. Devendra Fadnavis.

Thank you for siging the petition "Save Palladium Grand & free India from Builder Raj". In a single day yesterday, i.e. 19th January 2015; we had over 50 supporters signing the petition. And this number is increasing with every passing moment.

In addition to your support, we were really touched with your reasons for supporting our petition. As we have known over years, the issue of cheating, high-handedness, false and unfulfilled promises by the builders is not a local issue, but rather it is pan India problem. In fact, it is a cancer which is engulfing the nation rapidly than ever before.

We appeal you to kindly share this petition far and wide, request your family members, friends, colleagues, acquintences both within and and outside India to join you in supporting the petition. As one of the supporter to petition said "this is our second freedom struggle, but this time its a freedom movement from our home grown "builder raj".

Come and Join us!

Residents of the Palladium Grand

SIGN, SHARE AND SUPPORT OUR PETITION "Save Palladium Grand & free India from Builder Raj" addressed to the Hon. Prime Minister, Shri. Narendra Modi and Hon. Chief Minister, Maharashtra, Shri. Devendra Fadnavis.

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Sunday, 18 January 2015



Dear All,

We the residents of the Palladium Grand, Dhanori wish to thank all the citizens who are supporting our cause aimed to "SAVE PALLADIUM GRAND". Many of you have liked our video as an Open Appeal to the Prime Minister. Thank you for sharing it on facebook and twitter.

However, this was just a beginning of our campaign. Today we are inviting you to sign the "Petition to the Prime Minister, India and Chief Minister, Maharashtra" which was published earlier in the day.

Through this petition we are seeking an intervention from the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister, Maharashtra for the following:
  1. Instruct government officers to take appropriate steps we the residents of the Palladium Grand get back our rights, and restore our dignity. These officers includes relevant officers of the Government of Maharashtra, and Pune Municipal Corporation, etc.
  2. Institute enquiry into irregularities by the builder(s)/promotor(s) of the Palladium Grand, Dhanori, Pune.
  3. Take apporpriate steps to strengthen the legal and regulatory framework to make India free from the "Builder Raj" and their undue harrasment practices adopted by the builders and to put an end to the attitude of ignorance by the government officials.
  4. Institute an enquiry into builder(s) and government functionaries nexues as to why norms, rules and regulations are baltently violated?, and 
We are confident that you will support us by signing our petition. Kindly share it to all those who care for India which is free of builder raj.

Residents of the Palladium Grand


Friday, 16 January 2015

An Open Appeal to the Prime Minister, Hon. Shri. Narendra Modi

We the residents of the Palladium Grand complex Dhanori, Pune make this open appeal to the Prime Minister of India Shri. Narendra Modi to save Palladium Grand from the Builder Raj.


Our appeal to the Prime Minister is not only for our own benefits, but it is on behalf of the lakhs of residential complexes across the country who are illegally imprisioned by the home grown Builder Raj. 

While our words will share our frustration, anger, and disappointments; we are resolute and determined to take this fight against the builder raj to its logical conclusion. The logical end that we foresee is to "Free India from Builder Raj".

Jai Hind

Help Palladium Grand.

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Our fight will continue.........

Ever since we have gathered strength and reinitiated our fight against the 'builder raj', there has been support pouring in from different quarters of the society. Many social activists have visited us and provided their valuable guidance. Together with their help we have developed the roadmap for making sure that our fight leads us to the logical conclusion, and that logical conclusion is to reclaim our rights, pride and homes.

 Strategies being adopted to refine our gameplan for fight against builder raj.

There are several things that we have learnt and we are adopting lessons to fine tune our game plan.

  • We are together than ever before. We are united and our determination to fight is unparallel.
  • We are working to develop the roadmap - a roadmap that can even become model for others who are in the same situation.
  • We are using combination of different approaches at the same time.
  • We learnt that we ourselves have to be disciplined, and we are introducing several measures to be inculcate sense of discipline.
  • We realised that in these moments of stress, we need opportunities to relax and rejuvenate. We are creating such opportunities for ourselves.

Many of you are sharing our misery, our determination to claim our due rights, our grit and resolve to contribute towards ending "builder raj".  Our silence can lead to a conclusion that we have given up. We are one another victims to the pressures and tactics that builder plays. But, we are here to continue, our fight is here to continue, no matter what happens to us. Because, it is not our fight, but it is a national crusade to make India "free from builder raj".

Stay tuned for stunning surprises. While we are working on them, we only hope that our fight becomes source of inspiration of thousands of residential complexes across the nation. Because our fight will continue.............

Help Palladium Grand

Monday, 12 January 2015

Untapped Consumer Potential: Why are we afraid to claim our rights?

Yesterday noted consumer rights activists Ms. Seema Bhakare and Mr Shrikant Joshi were at their bests. The question that many of us asked ourselves, where does this frail woman of 65 years (Ms. Seema Bhakare) gets the courage and energy to take on the mights of builders in this city. She spoke at length and unfolded rights of the consumers. So did Shrikant Joshi.

Those who attended the session were not only from Palladium Grand, but from near by residential complexes. What appears that there are unlimited security and potential inbuilt in the consumer acts. But most of the times victims have a fears of different types. It is fear that hold us back, and not the processes and time required. 

Both Seema and Shrikant emphasised the fact that as long as we remain silent, we are are contributing to the crime, only difference is we are inactive in combating crime, but we are active in being victims of the crime. 

If a lady at 65 can fight fearlessly, why cant we? It is time to come out of our shells. It is time to be real human being who act without fear and favor.

Help Palladium Grand

Friday, 9 January 2015

Understanding Consumer Rights

We appeal and welcome to the residents and office bearers of the residential complexes in Dhanori area to join us in understanding the rights of the flat owners.

It is important that each of the flat owner understand his/her rights. Ms. Seema Bhakre and Mr. Shrikant Joshi has long standing experience in fighting the cases in consumer courts on behalf of the flat owners.

Help Palladium Grand

Thursday, 8 January 2015

It seems water has disappeared magically?

It seems that builder(s) have acquired a skills of being the magicians. At least M/s. Raojee Constructions and M/s. Shreyas Shelters have graduated with flying colors in their magical skills. They can make water to disappear, and that too without anyone even having a clue about it.

On Monday 5 January 2015, the staff from the water supply department of the Pune Municipal Corporation showed to our representative 3 pipelines of 1" each sanctioned exclusively for the Palladium Grand. They showed us that water is indeed flowing through these pipelines [see picture below].

So one thing is clear that water is indeed been supplied by the PMC for the residents of the Palladium Grand. And rightfully so, PMC is also collecting water tax from the residents. However, it is also true that water is not reaching to our only storage tanks, and not in our kitchen. So, where is water disappearing?

Isn't that the magical trip which builder(s) of the Palladium Grand has mastered? What an awefully inspiring builder(s)! God bless these builder(s) who have guts to cheat the authorities, residents and nation at large. Isn't this theft of water just similar to the 2G and Coal scam?

Will nation rise up to fight these autrocities by the builder(s) and promoter(s)? If we don't rise up now, we as a country will be imprisioned by the home grown regime called "builder raj"!

Help Palladium Grand

Monday, 5 January 2015

Ray of Hope: Interactions with Jagdish Mulik, MLA

By the evening of Saturday (January 3, 2015) our hopes to have constructive and productive dialog were crushed to death. Builder(s)/Promoter(s) backed out. We felt extremely let down. But, there is a saying "when all door closes, new one opens". One of our colleague came to know that Mr. Jagdish Mulik, Member of the Legislative Assembly of the area will be visiting near by residential complexes on Sunday, 4th January 2015. We decided not to let go this opportunity. We made frantic calls to Mr. Mulik's office, sent him a what's app message, contacted the chairman's and secretary of the residential complexes where he was to visit next day. Late in the evening, we got clarity about Mr. Mulik's program.

Sunday morning, we all the flat owners gathered at Amphitheater. When we received the news that Mr. Mulik will be arriving at Solitare, a residential complex which is 300-400 mts away from Palladium Grand. All of us went their in a peaceful protest march. When Mr. Mulik arrived at Solitare we all requested him to visit our complex. Mr. Mulik was gracious enough and sensitive to accept our last minute request. We then marched back to Palladium Grand and waited for another hour before Mr. Mulik arrived at Palladium Grand.

One of our colleague gave a shrot presentation of our problems to Mr. Jagdish Mulik. Other joined him and explained the terrorising atmosphere builder(s), especially Mr. Suresh Tingre has created. Ladies spoke about water issues, thefts to their households. We explained to Mr. Mulik of politicians-builders-civil servants nexus. We told him that we dont have an environmental clearance to the complex [see excerpt version below]

Palladium Grand flat owners interacted with Mr. Jagdish Mulik, MLA (excerpt version).

Mr. Mulik gave patient hearing to all that we had to say. He assured to the residents about their saftey and social harmony. He emphasised that there will be no need to be frightened and worried. "This is not 'moglai' or 'british raj'; this is a democratic regime of the Government of India. Hence, no one should be afraid to raise their questions", he added.

He said he will personally intervene and arrange for a meeting with the builder(s). If the issues are not sorted out amicably, then flat owners should not hesitate to take the legal routes. He even made an attempt to call the builders. Builder who was watchin the whole drama from his 7th floor apartment in the same complex, chose to switched off his phone. [full length unedited video's are appended below].

After 45 minutes long interaction with Mr. Mulik, we felt that he is sensitive, receptive to citizens problems and at least has a heart and patience to listen to them. It needs to be seen, how much his assurances fructify, and the flat owners gets their dues.

We know our fight and struggle is a long one, and many attempts will be made to scuttle our fight. However, we have certainly attracted the attention of all nearby complexes. Many chairman's and secretary's are speaking to us and asking as to what they should do, in case their complex too does not have an environmental clearnaces and other mandatory permission? Silver lining in all this struggle is that the sleeping residnetial complexes are slowly waking up.

It seems like what we bagan as our need is turning into a citizens movement. That is certainly a new ray of hope!

Help Palladium Grand

Part 1: Interactions with Mr. Jagdish Mulik, MLA.

Part 2: Interactions with Jagdish Mulik, MLA.

Saturday, 3 January 2015

One step forward, two steps backward: Builders hide and seek with flat owners

THIS POST HAS BEEN UPDATED AT 2330 HRS on 3rd January 2015, as we received further inputs from the Builder(s)/Promotor(s) which we felt deserved to be updated in this same post as they will bring more clarity and prove the points that Builder(s) / Prmotor(s) are making every possible efforts to prevent flat owners from claiming their rights, and previlages.

Yesterday morning some of us attended the "Parivartan Samvad" organised by the Pune Police on the occassion of its raising day. Gardian Minister Mr. Girish Bapat and noted film actor and social activist Nana Patekar emphasised that citizens should not keep quite on attempts to silence their voice. So we were enthused and encouraged to take our fight towards logical conclusion.

A step forward: 

As we were returning back, one of our residents send a what's app with a photo of the notice that builder has put up on our notice boards (see below to the right). His one liner letter asks (almost instructed) us (the flat owners to attend the meeting on Sunday, 4 January 2015 at 11.00 a.m. to discuss the Palladium Grand issues.

Snapshot of letter from Builder(s) [extreme right], and our response [extreme left and middle] displayed on our notice boards.

In the evening, we the flat owners gathered and discussed how to respond to this one line instructions from the Builder(s). While we were happy that Builder(s) at least asked us to come for the meeting, we are apprehensive of his motives. We have reason to be doubtful, because in the past they (especially Mr. Suresh Tingre) held meetings, agreed to do all the pending tasks, but did not give any written assurance and never did anything to comply with his responsibilities.

Therefore, we decided to write him a letter asking to hold meeting by meeting basic criteria - such as open meeting, audio & video recordings, minutes of the meeting together with signatures of the builder(s), and timelines to complete the incomplete facilities/services. [See pictures below].

Flat owners response to builder(s) one line instructions to attend meeting on 4 June 2015.

Many steps backward:

This morning, i.e. 3rd January 2015 we drafted the response and finalised. Here is what happened once our letter was ready.
  • We displayed our response letter (along side builder(s) notice) on each notice board within the Palladium Grand at 0945 hrs.
  • Assistant (who help us for overseeing maintenance) accompained with the guard went to builder(s) office (Mr. Suresh Tingre's office, i.e. Raojee Constructions Pvt. Ltd.) to hand deliver the letter. His staff refused to accept our letter at around 10 a.m.
  • We then sent the letter through special courier to make second attempt to deliver the letter. Our courier reached at builder(s) office at 1055 hrs. He was made to move from one desk to another. However, this time letter was accepted and due acknowledgement was provided by Mr. Vaibhav in Mr. Suresh Tingre's office. This was achieved by 1110 hrs.
  • Our special courier then proceeded to deliver second copy to Mr. Sandeep Kolhatkar at his office near Chaturshring, Pune.
  • Reluctance of the builder(s)/Promotor(s) in accepting the letter was two spets backward - if not miles of back tracking!
But the real drama was yet to be unfolded. Here is how the drama unfolded later in the evening.
  • At 1600 hrs one of the employee from the builder, Shri. Suresh Tingre's office put up another letter on the notice board of each building. 
  • This letter essentialy communicated that builder(s) are unwilling to come forward and talk to the flat (or Unit, as the communication refers) owners. [See below] 
Response received from the builder(s), essentially communicating that they will speak on thier own motion and that flat owners have no right for form any formal or informal group or make suggestions. Isn't that unilateral?
What's does this mean?

When we wrote communication yesterday, our experiences in the past predicted the moves of the builder(s)/promotor(s) especially Mr. Suresh Tingre. These kind of responses are clearly delaying tactics to divert our attention away from fundamental issues that we are raising. These includes:

1. Our rights to basic and essential services such as water, santitation, garbage disposal.
2. Legal compliances, permissions, society formation, conveyance deeds etc.
3. Our rights to other services and amenities as promised in sales deeds, and in the promotional brouchers, etc.
And, there are many others......... List is simply endless........

Also the language of letter is clearly an attempt to create confusion amongst the flat owners.

However, wer are united and no attempt can take our attention away from fighting for our fundamental rights. Because we are not going to loose the hopes. Because we have seen the logical end of our struggle, and that is total victory and end to builder raj, at least in our case.

We will keep you posted as new developments will take shape. We are posting these developments; because we want to inspire all those complexes who are victims to builder(s)/promotor(s) malpractices and pressure tactics.

Other developments:

  1. Sub Inspector (PSI) of the Dhanori Police station called the residents to meet him. He has received a forward copy the complaint filed on last Sunday from the Police Commissioner's office. Eight of us then visited the Police station at 1300 hrs. In an hour long discussion, we explained our problems and issues being faced by the flat owners and residents. He has promised us for expedited investigation.
  2. Mr. Rajendra Gaikwad from the Water Supply Department of the PMC visited the Palladium Grand to assess the PMC water supply situations.
Help support us!

Friday, 2 January 2015

Living under the THREAT

For past seven years, residents of the Palladium Grand Complex, Dhanori are living under variety of threats. Thier misery began with the dictatorial attitudes of the builder(s), especially Mr. Suresh Tingre who used high handedness and arm twisting practices to collect money from the residents. Even after spending lakhs of rupees of hard earned money as investments, and abnormal maintenance changes, residents were compelled to beg for facilities, even the basic essential commodity called "water".

When the residents mustered courage and raise voice against these malpractices, builder(s), especially Mr. Suresh Tingre, his associate Mr. Shambhu Singh manhandled some of the residents. They abused our women, and even threatened them.

We are constantly living under the threat. Enough is enough now, we will claim our rights under any circumstances.

In addition to these threats from builders - we are constantly under threat of theft. Our senior citizens are constantly exposed to all kinds of vulnerabilities. There is no digital surveillance system. Fencing is not as per the standards recommended. Our children are not safe. When our children are playing downstairs, they are under threat of being hurt - thanks to no facilities at all.

However, now we are determined to get things right once for all. Because, we know for sure - if we dont rise now, we will never get what we truely deserve.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Save Our Souls

Last night we did celebrate the new year, but we also bid bye bye to our own habit of being silent and succumb to the pressures of builder(s), especially Mr. Suresh Tingre, and barbaric and in human silence of Mr. Sadeep Kolhatkar.

Last week was full of activities - dharna, complaints to the police. Amidst all of these hectic activities we received another shocking news through two of the experts and well known activist, namely Mr. Ravi Karandeekar (see his blog) and Mr. Vijay Kumbhar (see his blog).

And the news is that "builder(s) have not received the manadatory environmental clearances before commissioning the project". Isn't that shocking and surprising! But they did receive the completion certificates. How funny! Doesn't that smell of nexus between builder(s), state government officials and authorities of the Pune Municipal Corporation? No wonder why these authorities are still remianing silent and rather sleeping? Becuase their own hands are dirty?

"Save Our Soul" is the appeal that we the residents of the Palladium Grand are making to the goverments and the compliance authorities. Is someone listening?

Can we put stop to these malpractices? We are determined to do so, because we have not only invested money, but we have put our into these aparments. These are not just shelters for us, but they are home for us - where our soul resides.

Will someone in the Maharashtra Government and also within the PMC will wake up and help us to save our soul? Or will they corraborate with the builder(s) and ensure that we are cremeated alive and burried while being able to walk and breath?

Save our Homes, Save our Souls!