Thursday, 8 January 2015

It seems water has disappeared magically?

It seems that builder(s) have acquired a skills of being the magicians. At least M/s. Raojee Constructions and M/s. Shreyas Shelters have graduated with flying colors in their magical skills. They can make water to disappear, and that too without anyone even having a clue about it.

On Monday 5 January 2015, the staff from the water supply department of the Pune Municipal Corporation showed to our representative 3 pipelines of 1" each sanctioned exclusively for the Palladium Grand. They showed us that water is indeed flowing through these pipelines [see picture below].

So one thing is clear that water is indeed been supplied by the PMC for the residents of the Palladium Grand. And rightfully so, PMC is also collecting water tax from the residents. However, it is also true that water is not reaching to our only storage tanks, and not in our kitchen. So, where is water disappearing?

Isn't that the magical trip which builder(s) of the Palladium Grand has mastered? What an awefully inspiring builder(s)! God bless these builder(s) who have guts to cheat the authorities, residents and nation at large. Isn't this theft of water just similar to the 2G and Coal scam?

Will nation rise up to fight these autrocities by the builder(s) and promoter(s)? If we don't rise up now, we as a country will be imprisioned by the home grown regime called "builder raj"!

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  1. Magic of the millennium :)
    We shall also learn some magic tricks from the builder. (haa haa haa)

  2. Thanks for showing us a way ahead. A Mayur Kilbil resident.