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One step forward, two steps backward: Builders hide and seek with flat owners

THIS POST HAS BEEN UPDATED AT 2330 HRS on 3rd January 2015, as we received further inputs from the Builder(s)/Promotor(s) which we felt deserved to be updated in this same post as they will bring more clarity and prove the points that Builder(s) / Prmotor(s) are making every possible efforts to prevent flat owners from claiming their rights, and previlages.

Yesterday morning some of us attended the "Parivartan Samvad" organised by the Pune Police on the occassion of its raising day. Gardian Minister Mr. Girish Bapat and noted film actor and social activist Nana Patekar emphasised that citizens should not keep quite on attempts to silence their voice. So we were enthused and encouraged to take our fight towards logical conclusion.

A step forward: 

As we were returning back, one of our residents send a what's app with a photo of the notice that builder has put up on our notice boards (see below to the right). His one liner letter asks (almost instructed) us (the flat owners to attend the meeting on Sunday, 4 January 2015 at 11.00 a.m. to discuss the Palladium Grand issues.

Snapshot of letter from Builder(s) [extreme right], and our response [extreme left and middle] displayed on our notice boards.

In the evening, we the flat owners gathered and discussed how to respond to this one line instructions from the Builder(s). While we were happy that Builder(s) at least asked us to come for the meeting, we are apprehensive of his motives. We have reason to be doubtful, because in the past they (especially Mr. Suresh Tingre) held meetings, agreed to do all the pending tasks, but did not give any written assurance and never did anything to comply with his responsibilities.

Therefore, we decided to write him a letter asking to hold meeting by meeting basic criteria - such as open meeting, audio & video recordings, minutes of the meeting together with signatures of the builder(s), and timelines to complete the incomplete facilities/services. [See pictures below].

Flat owners response to builder(s) one line instructions to attend meeting on 4 June 2015.

Many steps backward:

This morning, i.e. 3rd January 2015 we drafted the response and finalised. Here is what happened once our letter was ready.
  • We displayed our response letter (along side builder(s) notice) on each notice board within the Palladium Grand at 0945 hrs.
  • Assistant (who help us for overseeing maintenance) accompained with the guard went to builder(s) office (Mr. Suresh Tingre's office, i.e. Raojee Constructions Pvt. Ltd.) to hand deliver the letter. His staff refused to accept our letter at around 10 a.m.
  • We then sent the letter through special courier to make second attempt to deliver the letter. Our courier reached at builder(s) office at 1055 hrs. He was made to move from one desk to another. However, this time letter was accepted and due acknowledgement was provided by Mr. Vaibhav in Mr. Suresh Tingre's office. This was achieved by 1110 hrs.
  • Our special courier then proceeded to deliver second copy to Mr. Sandeep Kolhatkar at his office near Chaturshring, Pune.
  • Reluctance of the builder(s)/Promotor(s) in accepting the letter was two spets backward - if not miles of back tracking!
But the real drama was yet to be unfolded. Here is how the drama unfolded later in the evening.
  • At 1600 hrs one of the employee from the builder, Shri. Suresh Tingre's office put up another letter on the notice board of each building. 
  • This letter essentialy communicated that builder(s) are unwilling to come forward and talk to the flat (or Unit, as the communication refers) owners. [See below] 
Response received from the builder(s), essentially communicating that they will speak on thier own motion and that flat owners have no right for form any formal or informal group or make suggestions. Isn't that unilateral?
What's does this mean?

When we wrote communication yesterday, our experiences in the past predicted the moves of the builder(s)/promotor(s) especially Mr. Suresh Tingre. These kind of responses are clearly delaying tactics to divert our attention away from fundamental issues that we are raising. These includes:

1. Our rights to basic and essential services such as water, santitation, garbage disposal.
2. Legal compliances, permissions, society formation, conveyance deeds etc.
3. Our rights to other services and amenities as promised in sales deeds, and in the promotional brouchers, etc.
And, there are many others......... List is simply endless........

Also the language of letter is clearly an attempt to create confusion amongst the flat owners.

However, wer are united and no attempt can take our attention away from fighting for our fundamental rights. Because we are not going to loose the hopes. Because we have seen the logical end of our struggle, and that is total victory and end to builder raj, at least in our case.

We will keep you posted as new developments will take shape. We are posting these developments; because we want to inspire all those complexes who are victims to builder(s)/promotor(s) malpractices and pressure tactics.

Other developments:

  1. Sub Inspector (PSI) of the Dhanori Police station called the residents to meet him. He has received a forward copy the complaint filed on last Sunday from the Police Commissioner's office. Eight of us then visited the Police station at 1300 hrs. In an hour long discussion, we explained our problems and issues being faced by the flat owners and residents. He has promised us for expedited investigation.
  2. Mr. Rajendra Gaikwad from the Water Supply Department of the PMC visited the Palladium Grand to assess the PMC water supply situations.
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    Dear Honorable Respected President / Prime Minister of India.
    I myself would like to humbly put up my case in front of you regarding how I was forced to quit the project xxxx {Name Withheld for security reason ,because the builder can kill me or trap me in a false case, as its an universal truth, the fear of a common men, helpless citizen of India}. Flat no A-1001 by one of the builder’s in Pune.

    As I booked the flat on 28/07/2010 with Rs 10 Lacs as booking amount which the cheque was taken in wrong name they also charged me for 2 car parks @ Rs 2.50 lacs per car park and all the Maharashtra of ownership Act 1962 {MOFA ACT 1962} were violated when I brought this notices, to the Developer and started communicating vide emails and letters I got the SMS from the owners/directors on the 16/11/2013 “Any more msg to me you may not get your flat well” which is on records and even threaten me to put behind bars which my email I have communicated with them. My only fault was in asking for my customer rights in term of clean and clear title of my flat.{ As in my case which was “A” building PMC has passed only one flat per floor till 15th of May 2014 As per the challan no CE/BP/2565/14 Receipt no 33820 for Rs-200/- The above records was taken from the PMC as on 15/05/2014, and the builder made extension on the 4th floor as two flats per floor on which I requested him not to construct so I don’t face problem in near future as CAMPA COLA of WORLI faced in MUMBI after 24 years .

    And then I was forced to quit the project as they threaten me that if you don’t quit we may not give your flat as well which is also on records in form of email transaction, as I am a common men with no roof over my head and I am staying in rented flat since last 26 years and I am all alone was taking care of my 86 years old aged bed ridden paralytic with 85% partially blind orphan maid. I am 53 years Parsee {Zoroastrian} gentlemen staying in pune. So I quitted from the project I earnestly pray and hope that you both take up my case and this kind of builder should be taken to task I sincerely request that please in future you must see that I don’t get into any trouble or I wont be harm in terms of false implementing me in wrong case or harassment or even builder trying to kill me.

    As I have taken this bold step and feel comfortable in your kind esteemed leadership and hope that I will get roof over my head and I get once again my flat in A-1001 whenever the builder completes this project.

    I hope and pray to both of you to look into my case as I have made 4 journals {correspondences compromise of more then 367 pages} with all records of conversation and emails and letters and telephonic conversation recorded to safe guard my self.

    I pray and hope that Real Estate Regulator bill comes into enforced with strong bill and one day a common man faces no problems in getting a roof over his head with a clean and clear market title free from all Illegalities.

    In Solidarity.
    Jai Hind.

    Yezdi F Motiwalla