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What did we achieve: Significant achievements and lessons learnt of the Dialog Round 1 with builder(s)/promoter(s) held on 22 January 2015

"Satyagraha", is not yet another word. It is a vision, it is a purpose of life, it is movement of humanity that Mahatma Gandhi, the father of this nation gifted to we the Indian's and every other citizens of the world. However, on path to Styagraha; your journey is often like a marathon, and quite stressful. However, if you split into milestones, then you have a reason to celebrate. 

We the flat owners of Palladium Grand achieved one such milestone on 22 January 2015, when the representatives of the builder(s)/promotor(s) came for a dialog in presence of Mr. Jagdish Mulik, MLA and Mr. Chandrakant Tingre. Dialog was held at the Amphitheater of the Palladium Grand. Entire proceedings of the dailog was video recorded and available here.

Significant outcomes:
  1. Regulatory compliances: Builder(s) claimed that there is no need for Environmental Clearance for this project
  2. Regulatory compliances: Builder(s) did not offer conclusive answer to a question weather all the mandatory permissions, compliances and approvals have been sought before initiating a project, and before giving the occupation to the flat owners. Builder(s) claimed that all necessary permissions, approvals and compliance documents are in his office. Same will be produced before the flat owners in the next meeting
  3. Essential amenities: Builders answers to flat owners qustions/queries regarding the supply and provision of essential amenities such as potable water, water for use, drainage system, garbage disposal, rain water harvesting, solar panel system, fire safety etc., were all very vague
  4. Essential amenities: drinking water supply: Builder(s) claimed that PMC water is available to the complex. However, Mr. Chandrakant Tingre promised to provide a  6" PMC water pipeline to the complex. Work will be completed on or before 30 January 2015.
  5. Essential amenities: drinking water supply: Builder(s) promised to provide drinking water tap in each kitchen. He will install new storage tank for PMC water, and overhead tanks on each building, will lay new pipelines and install separate tap in each kitchen. Entire expenditure will be borne by the builder(s).This work will start on 2nd February 2015, and will be completed by 22nd February 2015.
  6. Essential amenities: expenses for water borne by the residents: Builder refused to reimburse the expenditure by the residents for water supply. Wherein, in his affidavit to the Pune Municipal Corportation he has promised to provide water to the residents at his own cost.
  7. Essential amenities: rain water harvesting: Builder(s) claim that it is not essential for this complex. Wherein, in his undertaking to the Pune Municipal Corportation he has promised to provide water to the residents at his own cost.
  8. Essential amenities: Solar Panel System: Builder(s) claim that they never promised any thing like this and that it is not their responsibility to do so. Wherein, in his undertaking to the Pune Municipal Corportation he has promised to provide water to the residents at his own cost.
  9. Essential amenities: drainage system: Builder(s) claim that everything in this regard has been done in compliance with PMC norms. However, water is still flowing out in open from the balconies and terraces. Even the terrace water must be routed for a rainwater harvesting, which is clearly not the case here. 
  10. Essential amenities: fire safety: builder(s) claim that all certificates are in his possession, and he will produce them at the next meeting. We wonder, if the certificates are in his office, how long it takes to present them to the flat owners.
  11. Society formation: why is the delay?: Builder could not provide satisfactory answer. Rather he claims that it is the flat owners, who are delaying the process. However, he committed that process will be completed in next one month.  
  12.  Completion of phase I: 2 wheeler & cycle parkig: Flat owners brought to the notice of the builder that how can he commission the phase II, when phase I is incomplete. Where are the 320 scooter and 320 cycle parkings? Builder could not provide satisfactory answer. 
From the answers given by the builder it is more than evident that (a) builder is non committal to act in favor of the flat owners, (b) builder has violated several rules, laws, approvals and undertakings, (c) builder has no intention to provide facilities and services promised when the flats were purchased, and (d) builder is delibaeratly delaying the process of society formation for his personal gains at the cost of life and peace of the flat owners. 

However, the only single most silver lining is a promise to provide 6" PMC drinking water pipeline, and separate tap in each kitchen for the drinking water.

There were several other issues listed for discussion, remained un-discussed because of lack of time. It was decided that round 2 of the the dailog  be held on 7th or 8th February 2015.

While, one may conclude that we didn't get much except the drinking water, yet we achieved couple of things: 
  • Expose builder on his non committal, exploitative, illegal, arrogant behavior and practices.
  • Builder's arrogance was so evident in is talks. If he can behave like this in the presence of peoples representative, then one can imagine his behavior with the residents/flat owners.
  • When the citizens stand together for their due rights, they can shake the strongest and deep rooted tree as well. 
This dialog is just a beginning. Many more are still to take place. Because, we believe that our movement is that of the "Satyagraha", and it is in the larger interest of the nation. And that interest is to make India builder raj free.


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