Thursday, 15 January 2015

Our fight will continue.........

Ever since we have gathered strength and reinitiated our fight against the 'builder raj', there has been support pouring in from different quarters of the society. Many social activists have visited us and provided their valuable guidance. Together with their help we have developed the roadmap for making sure that our fight leads us to the logical conclusion, and that logical conclusion is to reclaim our rights, pride and homes.

 Strategies being adopted to refine our gameplan for fight against builder raj.

There are several things that we have learnt and we are adopting lessons to fine tune our game plan.

  • We are together than ever before. We are united and our determination to fight is unparallel.
  • We are working to develop the roadmap - a roadmap that can even become model for others who are in the same situation.
  • We are using combination of different approaches at the same time.
  • We learnt that we ourselves have to be disciplined, and we are introducing several measures to be inculcate sense of discipline.
  • We realised that in these moments of stress, we need opportunities to relax and rejuvenate. We are creating such opportunities for ourselves.

Many of you are sharing our misery, our determination to claim our due rights, our grit and resolve to contribute towards ending "builder raj".  Our silence can lead to a conclusion that we have given up. We are one another victims to the pressures and tactics that builder plays. But, we are here to continue, our fight is here to continue, no matter what happens to us. Because, it is not our fight, but it is a national crusade to make India "free from builder raj".

Stay tuned for stunning surprises. While we are working on them, we only hope that our fight becomes source of inspiration of thousands of residential complexes across the nation. Because our fight will continue.............

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