Thursday, 1 January 2015

Save Our Souls

Last night we did celebrate the new year, but we also bid bye bye to our own habit of being silent and succumb to the pressures of builder(s), especially Mr. Suresh Tingre, and barbaric and in human silence of Mr. Sadeep Kolhatkar.

Last week was full of activities - dharna, complaints to the police. Amidst all of these hectic activities we received another shocking news through two of the experts and well known activist, namely Mr. Ravi Karandeekar (see his blog) and Mr. Vijay Kumbhar (see his blog).

And the news is that "builder(s) have not received the manadatory environmental clearances before commissioning the project". Isn't that shocking and surprising! But they did receive the completion certificates. How funny! Doesn't that smell of nexus between builder(s), state government officials and authorities of the Pune Municipal Corporation? No wonder why these authorities are still remianing silent and rather sleeping? Becuase their own hands are dirty?

"Save Our Soul" is the appeal that we the residents of the Palladium Grand are making to the goverments and the compliance authorities. Is someone listening?

Can we put stop to these malpractices? We are determined to do so, because we have not only invested money, but we have put our into these aparments. These are not just shelters for us, but they are home for us - where our soul resides.

Will someone in the Maharashtra Government and also within the PMC will wake up and help us to save our soul? Or will they corraborate with the builder(s) and ensure that we are cremeated alive and burried while being able to walk and breath?

Save our Homes, Save our Souls!

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