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Ray of Hope: Interactions with Jagdish Mulik, MLA

By the evening of Saturday (January 3, 2015) our hopes to have constructive and productive dialog were crushed to death. Builder(s)/Promoter(s) backed out. We felt extremely let down. But, there is a saying "when all door closes, new one opens". One of our colleague came to know that Mr. Jagdish Mulik, Member of the Legislative Assembly of the area will be visiting near by residential complexes on Sunday, 4th January 2015. We decided not to let go this opportunity. We made frantic calls to Mr. Mulik's office, sent him a what's app message, contacted the chairman's and secretary of the residential complexes where he was to visit next day. Late in the evening, we got clarity about Mr. Mulik's program.

Sunday morning, we all the flat owners gathered at Amphitheater. When we received the news that Mr. Mulik will be arriving at Solitare, a residential complex which is 300-400 mts away from Palladium Grand. All of us went their in a peaceful protest march. When Mr. Mulik arrived at Solitare we all requested him to visit our complex. Mr. Mulik was gracious enough and sensitive to accept our last minute request. We then marched back to Palladium Grand and waited for another hour before Mr. Mulik arrived at Palladium Grand.

One of our colleague gave a shrot presentation of our problems to Mr. Jagdish Mulik. Other joined him and explained the terrorising atmosphere builder(s), especially Mr. Suresh Tingre has created. Ladies spoke about water issues, thefts to their households. We explained to Mr. Mulik of politicians-builders-civil servants nexus. We told him that we dont have an environmental clearance to the complex [see excerpt version below]

Palladium Grand flat owners interacted with Mr. Jagdish Mulik, MLA (excerpt version).

Mr. Mulik gave patient hearing to all that we had to say. He assured to the residents about their saftey and social harmony. He emphasised that there will be no need to be frightened and worried. "This is not 'moglai' or 'british raj'; this is a democratic regime of the Government of India. Hence, no one should be afraid to raise their questions", he added.

He said he will personally intervene and arrange for a meeting with the builder(s). If the issues are not sorted out amicably, then flat owners should not hesitate to take the legal routes. He even made an attempt to call the builders. Builder who was watchin the whole drama from his 7th floor apartment in the same complex, chose to switched off his phone. [full length unedited video's are appended below].

After 45 minutes long interaction with Mr. Mulik, we felt that he is sensitive, receptive to citizens problems and at least has a heart and patience to listen to them. It needs to be seen, how much his assurances fructify, and the flat owners gets their dues.

We know our fight and struggle is a long one, and many attempts will be made to scuttle our fight. However, we have certainly attracted the attention of all nearby complexes. Many chairman's and secretary's are speaking to us and asking as to what they should do, in case their complex too does not have an environmental clearnaces and other mandatory permission? Silver lining in all this struggle is that the sleeping residnetial complexes are slowly waking up.

It seems like what we bagan as our need is turning into a citizens movement. That is certainly a new ray of hope!

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Part 1: Interactions with Mr. Jagdish Mulik, MLA.

Part 2: Interactions with Jagdish Mulik, MLA.

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