Monday, 12 January 2015

Untapped Consumer Potential: Why are we afraid to claim our rights?

Yesterday noted consumer rights activists Ms. Seema Bhakare and Mr Shrikant Joshi were at their bests. The question that many of us asked ourselves, where does this frail woman of 65 years (Ms. Seema Bhakare) gets the courage and energy to take on the mights of builders in this city. She spoke at length and unfolded rights of the consumers. So did Shrikant Joshi.

Those who attended the session were not only from Palladium Grand, but from near by residential complexes. What appears that there are unlimited security and potential inbuilt in the consumer acts. But most of the times victims have a fears of different types. It is fear that hold us back, and not the processes and time required. 

Both Seema and Shrikant emphasised the fact that as long as we remain silent, we are are contributing to the crime, only difference is we are inactive in combating crime, but we are active in being victims of the crime. 

If a lady at 65 can fight fearlessly, why cant we? It is time to come out of our shells. It is time to be real human being who act without fear and favor.

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