Thursday, 25 December 2014

Builder Raj - Call for a movement

When we purchase a property, we not only invest our income but also our soul. We are emotionally attached to it.

How does it feel when you come to know that you have been cheated by the builder(s). Many of us in Palladium Grand are passing through that feeling and experiencing its pain.

However we are not only one in this situation. See blog "Slaves of Palladium Grand Dhanori Pune" by our good friend Ravi Karandeekar where he has put together aptly our anguish and pain.

Following interview by the residents summarise the pain, but it also call for an united movement to free India from Builder Raj.

It is not only our story, it is the story of thousands and probably million others across the country. Some of you have realised that you are cheated, but many are not! It is a wake up call for the second free India struggle. But this time from our home grown builder raj.

Come and join us!!!

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  1. Brave effort guys .. Together we can and we will make the difference,