Sunday, 28 December 2014

Who will civic authorities support?

Problems being faced by the Palladium Grand residents are not unique. Several thousands urban and semi-urban residential complexes across the country are facing similar types of problems from the Promotor(s), Builder(s) and also from the civic authorities.
  • Essential services and amenities are not provided to the residents. 
  • Their complaints are not taken seriously. 
  • If they try to protest, their voice is silenced with goondaism and high handedness. 
  • They are made to run from pillar to post.
  • They are made to feel useless, worthless and guilty to the extent that often residents feel like ending life itself.
What surprises us is that when ever residents of the housing complexes raise their voice, get together and began fighting in united manner, it is the law and order officers who often discourage them to undertake peaceful satyagraha. They create fear in the residents mind that the builders will harm them, or it is a tough fight.

We the residents of the Palladium Grand had a first hand experience. In April 2014, when one of our member was man-handeled and beaten up by the builder (Mr. Suresh Tingre) and his son, police reduse to take FIR in first place. After seeing that the residents are out crying, and angry they took the NC. But, nothing happened after that. Isn't that these officers are suppose to follow up the cases, and report back to the citizens?

Palladium Grand residents were made to wait for several hours at Vishrantwadi Police Station, just to accept their complaint in April 2014.

Today, when we are fighting for our  rights, we feel orphaned because neither the civic authorities (municipal corporations), nor the law & order authorities (police) are with us. Let us see if there is any difference in their attitude now, because India wants to be a super power, we are on mission of clean India. Can we clean the curruptness of our mind, the fear from our mind, and an attitude of non cooperation from our mind? Can we ever be successful is crubbing the "Builder Raj" and bring in peace to the residents of the residential complexes across the country.

Help Palladium Grand. Join us by writing to

We are fighting not only for Palladium Grand. Our fight is representative of all the residential complexes across the country. Save the country from the "Builder Raj".

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