Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Arrogance - a key charachteristics of Palladium Grand Builders

A quick search of thesarus reveals the meaning of word "ARROGANCE". It means "Offensive display of superiority or self-importance; or overbearing pride". This is so much true in case of Palladium Grand Builders. 

Since the beginning these builders, especially Mr. Suresh Tingre is behaving like he is supreme king of the Palladium Grand complex. He even have guts to say that "This is my property, my land, and only my rules will be applicable here". Statements such as these and the behaviour of Mr. Suresh Tingre and his family members only goes to demonstrate the Arrogant nature. The height of their arrongance was displayed when they physically assulted one of the resident Mr. Anil Kumar Vishwakarma and one of the guard at the seciurity gate. Two separate complaints were registered with the Vishrantwadi Police Station against Mr. Suresh Tingre and his son.

It is almost a week that we have been raising our voice, we have used candle march, silent satyagrapha, human chain and even submitting a complaint to the Police station as means to claim our rights. We even met the local political leaders (Mrs. Rekha Tingre and Mr. Chandrakant Tingre). It seems that nothing has been percolated down. It is now over 36 hrs that we have registered complaint at the Vishrantwadi Police station (Sunday, 28 December 2014 at 1700 hrs).

  • Builders have not even bothered to respond to our letters. 
  • Mr. Sandeep Kolhatkar is too busy or he has been prevented to visit the Palladium Grand complex.
  • Mr. Suresh Tingre moves around magestically in his Mercedez Benz, but ignores to respond to our letters.
  •  Mr. Suresh Tingre communicated a message through local political leaders that he will meet only two of our reps in his office, and that he will decide the agenda of the meeting - Isn't this the height of arrogance.
 In addition to the ample display of arrogance by the builders, we have enough reason to believe that there is a close nexus between builders-political leadership and authorities. 
  • Even after 36 hrs since our complaint has been filed, Police have not communicated to us as to what actions they have taken? We have received email from the Commissioner of Police, Pune City's office informing us that our complaint has been forwarded to Mr. Manoj Patil, DCP, Zone-4. Other than this we have no further information.
  • PMC Officers have not bothered to visit the Palladium Grand or get in touch with the residents. Ward Officer(s), Water Supply Department Head's phone/mobile number(s) are either busy or switched off, or when they are ringing they are cut off.
  • Our complaint has been sent to the Police Commissioner, Pune City on 28th Decemeber 2014, via email with cc to ACP, DCP and was submitted in person to the in-charge, Vishrantwadi Police Station. However, no response yet from the authorities.
  • Our complaint(s) has been sent to the hosts of PMC authorities including PMC Commissioner, Ward Officer and other department heads. No one has even bothered to respond or acknowledge. 
Is it that this sense of ARROGANCE has become the normalcy? We the residents of the Palladium Grand have not experienced the freedom struggle, but thanks to the Builder Raj, we are feeling the burnt and bruises of the colonial era. Only difference is that during pre-independence era oppresive regime was from another country, but this time the regime is home grown. 

We are determined to make India free of builder raj, even if it is at cost of our time, and energy.

Support our struggle and movement by sharing this to all those who can join us. Write to us at helppalladiumgrand@gmail.com or like us on facebook at HELP PALLADIUM GRAND.

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