Wednesday, 17 December 2014


M/s Raojee Constructions and M/s. Shreyas Shelters, builder(s) and promotor(s) of Palladium Grand in June 2012 abrupty stopped borewell water supply without any notice the the residents of the Palladium Grand.
1.     This action of theirs without any prior intimation to the residents was not only illegal, but it was also a breach of contracting terms as per the builder – owner sales deed agreement.
2.     Water being an essential commodity, their action of discontinuing the water supply was and is a direct threat to the very survival of the residents. In fact, it is an intentional attempt to cause harm leading to the death (or loss of life) of the residents of the Palladium Grand.
3.    In the past, when residents tried to bring this to their notice and made requests to re-establish the water supply from these bore wells, they had resorted to violence as well methods of creating nuisance to the residents. This clearly demonstrates theirr intention to cheat the residents, and deprive them of their basic life saving rights for your professional gains. This is contradictory to the regulatory responsibilities of the builder/promoter.
Immediate Request for Actions:
Given this background, we request you to initiate following actions urgently.
1.     Reestablish the connections from both the bore wells into the water storage tanks of the Palladium Grand.

2.     Demonstrate the same before the representatives of the Palladium Grand residents. 

3.     Communicate with the representatives of the Palladium Grand residents the daily timings when the bore wells will be functioning and the water will be deposited into the storage tanks.

4.     Provide the details of your activities by which you have diverted the water from these bore wells to the nearby complexes in a tabulated manner, providing following information:

a.     Which residential complexes you have diverted the water, and since when?

b.     How much quantity of water was diverted to these residential premises?

c.      How much financial gains you have been benefitted with the act of supplying the water to these residential complexes?

d.     Why you have not informed or sought prior consent of the residents of the Palladium Grand for – 
       (i) discontinuing water supply from these bore wells to the Palladium Grand residents, 

       (ii) diverting water to the other residential complexes, and 

       (iii) business model under which you supplied the water to near by residential complexes, at the cost of threat to life of the residents of Palladium Grand?

We hope that Builder(s)/Promotor(s), namely Mr. Suresh Tingre of Raojee Constructions Pvt. Ltd., and Mr. Kolhatkar, of Shreyas Shelters Pvt. Ltd., Pune will take serious note of this and take appropriate measures. 

We are forced to share this over the social media as we do not have any additional means to share this with larger public. 

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