Friday, 8 September 2017

VICTORY OF OUR BELIEF: Palladium Grand Cooperative Housing Society Formed

We at Palladium Grand were fighting for reclaiming our right to form the Cooperative Housing Society under MOFA 10(1) for nearly 9 years. At times, we felt that we will never be able to achieve our dream. However, truth always prevail - all you need is belief that it can happen.

On 14th August 2017, Deputy District Registrar (DDR), Pune City accepted our application for cooperative housing society. Thereafter, upon completion of necessary formalities; Deputy Registrar, City (5) issued registration certificate for the "Palladium Grand Cooperative Housing Society Ltd.".

It was a moment of celebrating our struggle. It was too true to be believed that we really do have a cooperative housing society.

Here is the interviews that details our struggle, and its influence and impact. Enjoy!

Shri. Lallan Singh, Chief Promoter of the Palladium Grand Cooperative Housing Society narrated the journey of 9 years (in Hindi)


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