Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Magical Powers of Awakened Flat Buyers: Developing Success Story from Palladium Grand (Part 1)

Magical Powers of an Awakened Flat Buyers: 

Developing Success Story from Palladium Grand 

(Part 1)

Were you given possession of a flat where necessary amenities & facilities were not provided by the developers?

You don't know how to face the builder and get all those essential amenities & facilities installed/commissioned by the developers?

Flat buyers of the Palladium Grand shows you the way forward.  Palladium Grand is a residential complex located in Dhanori area of the Pune City. Palladium Grand comprises of 140 units. Possession of these units were given in late 2008 and/or early 2009. M/s. Palladium Properties (joint venture of M/s. Raojee Constructions, M/s. Shreyas Shelters) are the developers of the project and Mr. Shirish Dasnurkar is the architect of the project.

Soon, flat owners realized that developers have not provided many of the essential amenities and services such as drinking water, 24X7 water supply, rain water harvesting, solar heated water, vermi-composting plant, open spaces etc.

However, one of the developer being the local person, flat owners were afraid to ask for these facilities and amenities, majority of which are mandated through the commencement certificates. For years, flat owners pleaded (orally and in writing) to the developers to provide these facilities and services. However, developers never paid attention to these requests and pleas.

Fed up with arrogance and negligent attitude of the developers, flat owners muscled courage in late 2013, and came on the streets of Dhanori. Since then these brave flat-owners adopted several strategies and approaches to highlight their problems and bring to the notice of law enforcement and civic authorities. What all they did so far, do you want to know?
  1. wrote several letters to developers at regular intervals demanding fulfilling the promises.
  2. social media campaign through blog site (helppalladiumgrand.blogspot.in), facebook, twitter, WhatsApp, etc.
  3. Representation to elected officers such as Members of Legislative Assembly (MLA), letters to Chief Minister and representation to the Prime Minister's office.
  4. Civil Suit for not providing water as promised as pledged through Affidavit and failure to provide other facilties
  5. Criminal suit for failing to provide water as pledged to the PMC through an affidavit.
  6. Consumer cases (85 individual cases) for failing to provide facilities, services and amenities as promised, and 
  7. Representations to civil servants and government officials such as PMC Commissioner, etc.
  8. Peaceful protests to highlight the problems and generate mass support.

These consistent efforts of over 2 years is now resulting into outcomes that all of these flat-owners were dreaming for over the years. Through these blog series "Magical Powers of Awakened Flat Buyers" we will share one of the developing success story.  Today's story is that of the - RAIN WATER HARVESTING.

Civic authorities when issue commencement certificate, it mandates that developer must provide functional rainwater harvesting system. This condition was part of the commencement certificate issued to M/s. Palladium Properties, developers of the Palladium Grand Complex. However, developers ignored this mandatory compliance and never created rainwater harvesting system.

As an outcome of sustained efforts the Commissioner of the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) was left with no choice but to form the one-person committee under the chairmanship of Additional Commissioner, PMC. This committee after verifying the facts on ground, opined that developers have failed to provide the rainwater harvesting system, and further ordered developers to put in place, a functional rainwater harvesting system by July 15, 2016.

This is a great moral and factual victory for the Palladium Grand flat owners. Finally, after a period of grumbling, developers started creating rainwater harvesting system in 2nd week of July 2016. At the time of publishing this blog - work is still under progress at a snail speed. However, with the morale boost, flat-owners and residents are vigilant this time. They are steadfast in their resolve to ensure that developers create this much needed and essential infrastructure to the best of their satisfaction and as required by the rules and standards in place.

Well, this just a beginning of series of small and big victories that are lined up for the flat-owners of Palladium Grand. This is just a trailer of magical powers of awakened flat buyers. Picture to abhi baki hai!!!

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