Tuesday, 19 April 2016

How to tackle builder's goondaism? - Palladium Grand shows the way forward

Tired and frustrated with builders malpractices & heavy handedness? Don't worry, we the residents and flat-owners of Palladium Grand have mastered the art of tackling builders goondaism. Following video clip, is what happened on 17th April 2016 at 1100 hrs in the Club House. Builder sent a team of so called lawyers to obtain signatures from the residents forcefully.

Watch it carefully and share with others too.


  1. This is the biggest sham in the history and the biggest con artists are the so called leaders and so called Interim Management Committee of this so called movement. Here they have very conveniently forgotten to mention the reason behind the signatures. The signatures were for the formation of the society according to the Deputy Registrar's order. however these people did not let anyone sign the papers without stating a reason. the same was repeated on 24th April. the end result now is that the society will never be formed. Also please note, both the times the society was going to be formed on the terms and conditions of the residents and not the builder as per the order of the Deputy Registrar. These leaders and Management committee members have ulterior motives and they are the true reason for the abysmal condition of a wonderful place. Please note and be aware of these people if anyone ever has to deal with them in the future.

  2. Also Just for Everybody's knowledge, I am not a pro builder resident but a normal resident who has been suffering at the hands of these so called Interim Management Committee and the so called leaders.